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Steel screws and common nail contrast
Release time:
2017-09-01 15:53
The steel wire nail is a T shaped object made of 45 low carbon steel. Flat head at one end, and the other end, sharp nail shank diameter 2.2 ¢, together by glue adhesion, main decorative fixed connect
The use of gun nails, steel screws and self - tapping screws in home decoration
1. The gun nail specifications are 15, 20, 25, 30, 50. Door sleeve, cabinet, condole top is used for all sorts of plank and wooden square link, choose different gun nail according to the thickness of
Multi-standard steel wire line diameter
Release time:
2017-09-01 15:44
Most products have good or bad points, and there is no single standard. It's a product that can be divided into three, six, nine, and so on. The wholesale price will have a high base, which will satis
Lead the company visit inspect
Release time:
2017-09-01 15:43
The foundation of brand development is the power of technology. Longquan jian assembled the most elite research and development power, from independently developed the cement nail, to the first domest
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