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Development history

Glorious and Fruitful 30 Years
For 30 Years, Longquanjian keeps a steady development and proves its growth with the achievements in market exploitation and customer service, in which numerous Longquanjian people have made their selfless contributions to its glorious past. 
In 1985, set up Ren County Wire Drawing Nail Making Factory.
In 1998, established Xingtai Longquanjian Nail Industry Co., Ltd.  
In 2000, obtained the independent export managing right, and won the famous brand, high-quality products title of Hebei Province. 
In 2001, established the Hebei Longquanjian Nail Industry Co., Ltd.,  and passed the authentication of ISO quality system.
In 2002, quality and credit managing demonstration enterprise of Hebei small and medium sized enterprise. 
In 2003, second time won the title of famous brand and high quality products of Hebei Province.
In 2006, established the Hebei Longquanjian Nail Industry Group Co.,Ltd., and third time won  the title of famous brand and high quality products of Hebei Province.
In 2007, it performed an overall technical restructuring of main production processes, got rid of the backward process equipments and expanded the production scale so as to double the production capacity of the main product, steel strip nail. 
In 2008, it was invited by the Standardization Administration of China to participate in drawing up a national standard of steel nail. 
In 2009, it won the title of “Famous Trademark in Hebei” for four times and developed “DST” steel strip nails and production equipments.
In 2010, it was honored with the letter of patent for “DST” steel strip nail and established the “Online Business School of Hebei Longquanjian Nail Industry Group Co., Ltd.” to provide the standardized trainings for all employees. 
In 2011,The company's steel arranging nails products was appraised as "Famous-brand products of HeBei Province",and the company was awarded "Advanced Enterprise in Good Quality & Benefit in HeBei Province".
In 2012,The company's product was appraised as "Famous-band product of Hebei Province" for the fifth time,and the company's heat treatment equipment was transformed and upgraded.
In 2013,the product surface treatment equipment is upgraded to the most advanced one domesticically; the energy saving, emission reduction and productivity are greatly improved.
In 2014,the brand Longquanjian was awarded "well known marks of china".

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